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Le Mieux Skin Perfecting Mini Facial $50.00

Le Mieux Brightening Facial $90.00

Le Mieux Signature Customized Facial $90.00

Le Mieux Clear Complexion Care Facial $95.00

Le Mieux Soothing and Healing Rosacea Facial $55.00

Le Mieux Chemical Peel Facial $75.00

Le Mieux Ultimate Facial with Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber $120.00

Dermaplane $75.00

Skin Pen (Micro Needling) $350


Rose also offers other esthetics including vampire facials and Re-Lift, a non-surgical facelift. Call for more information on services offered. 


Brow Shaping $20.00

Lip and Brow $35.00

Lips $15.00

Lip and Chin $25.00

Chin $20.00

Full Face $40.00

Ear $20.00

Nose $15.00

Underarms $20.00

Half Arms $30.00

Full Arms $50.00

Half Legs $50.00

Full Legs $75.00

Chest $50.00

Back $50.00

Bikini $35.00

Extended Bikini $50.00

Brazilian $70.00

Rose Beatique has teamed up with Dr. Emilie Schenck, DDS to offer non surgical procedures using the Viora. This multi purpose non-invasive tool is capable of reducing visible scaring, cellulite, unwanted hair and much more. The Viora is especially good for aging and sagging skin. It uses your own lymphatic system to help remove toxins from the body. 

Prices vary per consultation. Call for more information on services offered. 

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